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If you find a baby bird, or any bird that genuinely needs help please read this before you do anything.

Please note that baby birds are fledging everywhere during spring/summer months and it can take 2-3 days before they find their wings so always best left with parents if safe to do so.

If the bird is in genuine distress or injured or has been caught by a cat (cat bites are very toxic), please do the following:

1. Do not panic 😊

2. Get a t-shirt or a towel or anything and pick up the bird and place in a box with the towel, if you don’t have a towel etc, it’s OK for a short while in a box. In an emergency gently wrap it up in something and hold gently.

3. Keep the bird warm. The younger it is the more it will need heat.

4. Do not give ANY food or water as different species and ages need different care. Rather they go hungry than have a painful death due to being fed wrong food, such as live food that can eat through their crops or milk, for example, which causes blockages resulting in starvation.

5. Phone, text, or message your local rescue (like myself), or Wildlife in Need if you’re Bournemouth way, or ask at your local vet. Alternatively, www.helpwildlife.co.uk is a good place to find your local rescue.

6. Arrange a TIME and a PLACE to drop off the bird or meeting place.

7. Under ANY circumstances do NOT leave any bird in a box anywhere! If for some reason the rescue person is late or otherwise engaged and someone else offers to help, please explain that you’re bringing the bird to a rehabber and please do NOT hand the bird over to anyone apart from people associated with the rescue.

Thankyou so much for your attention. I hope that everyone finds this useful 🙏.Just so you know, us rehabbers work really, really hard especially during the Spring and Summer months. We usually have to work too, to fund doing what is important to us, in helping our wildlife. You don’t have to do much to help just please stay focused and mindful and remember that communication is the key and don’t panic x thankyou 🙏