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Help us keep running! Give our Rescues the ability to survive and thrive!

Thank you for choosing to support our self funded, non-profit, small Charity. Our Charity Number is: 1194952.
We receive no funding from the Government, Lottery, or any large organisation, and solely rely on donations and support from lovely people like yourself.

What costs do you have to cover? You may ask.
Veterinary and medications are the biggest and most important and necessary costs that we regularly need to raise money for. Medications and Veterinary assistance is expensive and we do not receive it for free.

Vets do have a duty of care to see wildlife by law when brought in by a member of the public but most animals are usually put to sleep as they do not have the facilities to care for them. Rescue centres may receive a small discount but are always charged when bringing any animal/wildlife to see a vet, or requesting medications or prescriptions.

We also have to cover all food, formulas, and special diets for a variety of different species.

In addition to that, our incubators run 24/7, along with heat pads and heat lamps for our youngsters and the poorly, which is expensive in electricity.

Every single penny raised solely goes on running the rescue. Not one penny lines anyone’s pockets and nobody gets paid.

How to help...

There are various ways you can support Wild Bird Rescue Dorset.

PayPal Giving Fund
Sadly we do not receive details of who donated but you can tick for Gift Aid if you are a UK Tax payer, which gives us 20% extra of what you donate. This can take 2 months to reach our account so please let us know if you have kindly donated this way.

PayPal – Wild Bird Rescue Dorset
Please choose friends and family when using this option or we have to pay a fee for every donation received.

Amazon Wish List

Please follow this link and choose something lovely for our birds in care, which will be delivered directly to us.

Smile Amazon
Please choose Wild Bird Rescue Dorset as your chosen charity to support when buying anything with Amazon.
You can either use the link above and log in as normal, or use the Amazon App and set the Smile Charity to Wild Bird Rescue Dorset in your app settings. Amazon will then donate a portion of what to spend to our charity 4 times a year.

Go Fund Me
Go Fund Me have recently set up a special charity area. You can simply donate here or set up a fundraiser and raise monies for our charity.

Bank Transfer is a fast and easy way to donate directly into our charity bank account, without us paying any fees or having to wait. Details of our bank account is below:

Lloyds Bank Charity Account (choose business, not personal account, if prompted)
Wild Bird Rescue Dorset
Account number: 73924860
Sort: 309626