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We are a small wild bird rescue in the heart of Dorset’s Wareham Forest area.

All garden birds, from a newly hatched chick to adult birds, which are in need of help, are taken in. They are reared, raised, rehabilitated and released. This includes all your typical garden birds from the smallest of finches to the largest of ravens, and even woodpeckers. We have full veterinary support and have yearly inspections of our premises to be able to buy the correct medications for every ailment.

Cannot take:
Water or Sea Birds (Kingfishers/Gulls etc), Poultry (Ducks etc), Birds of Prey or Migratory birds such as Swifts, House Martins and Swallows. However, we can pass on details of other local rescues for these birds.

If you are not local to Dorset and have a bird in need please visit www.helpwildlife.co.uk and find your nearest rehabber.

Our Mission:

Wild Bird Rescue Dorset’s aim is to further the conservation and preservation of the wild bird species by providing a rescue, care, and rehabilitation service for sick, injured, or orphaned wild birds, with the aim of eventually releasing them back to the wild to their natural habitat.