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Hello and welcome to our little website. It is fairly new and we are doing this ourselves so please bear with us as content will be added and things will be updated as soon as we get 5 minutes.
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So many fledglings at this time of year!

We kindly insist that you do not interfere with the natural process of their development. They do not need rescuing or need a human’s help unless they are injured or sick or have no feathers. It is vital that young birds stay near their parents to raise as they will teach them how to survive, far better than any human ever could.

Fledglings no longer require a nest but they DO need to be fed and taught by their parents. Please do not feed any baby birds, especially never give any live foods to a young bird, as it has to be disabled first (mealworms and grubs etc., can actually chew through the crop from the inside and worms can wriggle into the airway!). Please do not give any milk or bread as this is toxic and causes a long slow death.

If you are concerned then please contact a rescue for further advice. Thank you for caring!